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Thanks for the PR!

There’s a JD/PhD working at University of Chicago Law School named Brian Leiter. He specializes in philosophy of law and Nietzsche, and for a while was a sort of gatekeeper for the Philosophy field due to his ratings of philosophy … Continue reading

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A very nice review of Innovation and Nanotechnology

At the Librarian’s Review of Books: It concludes: “Well-written, reasonably effectively-presented, given the complexity of its subject matters, and expertly-argued by a scholar, who focuses on interdisciplinary ethical, legal, philosophical, and technological issues, this book may presume that readers … Continue reading

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Logic apparently off limits in the law

Recently, I was banned from by its founder, Gene Quinn. At one time, I had posted there as a guest contributor on the issue of gene patents, but it became clear quickly that any amount of questioning or imposing … Continue reading

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Nanotech: around the corner?

I take great pains in Innovation and Nanotechnology to point out that the sci-fi vision of molecular nanotechnology is a long ways off. While the utopian visions of Drexler and Kurzweil are, I believe, ultimately achievable, MNT may never be … Continue reading

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Graphene: why you can legally make it from girl scout cookies

Graphene is a form of carbon that promises to be extremely useful in nanowares, being highly conductive, extremely flexible, and very strong. It is an atom-thick sheet of carbon, essentially the buckminsterfullerene molecule made two-dimensional. As I wrote about in … Continue reading

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MakerLegoBot – a project for the family in nanowares

I just ran into this wonderful tool that bridges the gap between toys and nanowares. It is a fully-functional lego-based MakerBot. It looks like it would be a wonderful way to demonstrate the joy of home-fabrication and the DIY mentality, … Continue reading

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Open source manufacturing: profitable and common

Those who object that the open source path to innovation is just giving away the store, and unprofitable, ignore the centuries of success and profitability of shunning expensive and unwieldy Intellectual Property schemes. The early car industry, as I and … Continue reading

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The duty to mod and make

The only way we are going to take control of our economy, and our places in it, is to become creative. Your ability to create is limited most by your capacities, and we must build upon our own capacities to … Continue reading

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Top Ten reasons why innovating and filing patents are not the same thing

Here’s an interesting list reported by Gene Quinn at IP Watchdog, it is the list of top-ten innovating countries this past year according to the Global Innovation Index: 1 Switzerland 2 Sweden 3 Singapore 4 Hong Kong (SAR) 5 Finland … Continue reading

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Well, now, that didn’t take long…

In my last post, I noted that the Shapeways website offers a new marketplace for inventors who want to sell 3D specs for others to replicate objects through 3D printing. Stephan Kinsella at now calls attention to an IP … Continue reading

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