The duty to mod and make

The only way we are going to take control of our economy, and our places in it, is to become creative. Your ability to create is limited most by your capacities, and we must build upon our own capacities to take control of our environments. The first step in this is learning how your tools work. Don’t just use them, mod them and make them if possible. If you own a product, don’t know how it works, and are unwilling to alter it to suit you, then you become owned by your property instead of truly owning it. You become owned as much by the makers of your property. There is therefore a positive duty to modify your tools to suit yourself, to make the tools you can, and learn to make others. This is why the coming nanowares revolution is so threatening to the current hierarchical status quo, and why the liberation of the material world through all sorts of nanoware-type tools (including molecular nanotechnology, eventually, and 3D printing now) requires ignoring current IP schemes in favor of open source alternatives. In the meantime, jailbreak your i-devices, modify your cars, redecorate your house, knit, assemble, paint, and remake your artifacts to suit yourself.

This week, I urge you to go check out Fab@Home‘s open-source, Do It Yourself (DIY) models, and if you can find time, tinker, create, make, and mod.


About nanowares

Author, philosopher, attorney, and educator interested in science, technology, ethics, and freedom
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