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MakerLegoBot – a project for the family in nanowares

I just ran into this wonderful tool that bridges the gap between toys and nanowares. It is a fully-functional lego-based MakerBot. It looks like it would be a wonderful way to demonstrate the joy of home-fabrication and the DIY mentality, … Continue reading

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Open source manufacturing: profitable and common

Those who object that the open source path to innovation is just giving away the store, and unprofitable, ignore the centuries of success and profitability of shunning expensive and unwieldy Intellectual Property schemes. The early car industry, as I and … Continue reading

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The duty to mod and make

The only way we are going to take control of our economy, and our places in it, is to become creative. Your ability to create is limited most by your capacities, and we must build upon our own capacities to … Continue reading

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Top Ten reasons why innovating and filing patents are not the same thing

Here’s an interesting list reported by Gene Quinn at IP Watchdog, it is the list of top-ten innovating countries this past year according to the Global Innovation Index: 1 Switzerland 2 Sweden 3 Singapore 4 Hong Kong (SAR) 5 Finland … Continue reading

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