Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

In my new book, Innovation and Nanotechnology, I argue that new markets, not for things, but for models of things, will enable rapid distribution of ideas, and profiting without the need for IP. Apple’s AppStore, iTunes, and the previously black market (but now legitimate) Cydia Store, all show that people are willing to pay small reasonable sums for items they might otherwise easily copy for free. I believe that consumers are willing to pay for the service of innovation, even where they are unwilling to accept the property rights we have assumed exist (through the legal IP monopoly) for expressions.

Well, as I suggested, so shall it be. Markets emerge to fill needs, and the internet of things is emerging here and now with the Shapeways website, where designers can indeed market and sell their CAD/CAM specs for things, rather than try to raise capital, and invest in fabrication and delivery infrastructures.

Shapeways marketplace

The end of scarcity begins…


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Author, philosopher, attorney, and educator interested in science, technology, ethics, and freedom
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  1. This is exciting! Looking forward to more postings!

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